Kevin Hart Biography

If you are interested about the life of this famous comedian, read this short Kevin Hart biography to get to know him better. Kevin Hart was born in Pennsylvania in 1979. The American comedian is also a writer and producer. He started his career when he was very young winning amateur comedy competitions in New England. As a child, he had to live with his father who was a cocaine addict, and frequently used humor as a way of scape. He graduated from High School and attended College for a couple of months.

In 2001, he managed to get a recurring role on Undeclared and from then on he was unstoppable. He later participated in movies like Little Fockers, Soul Plane, Scary Movie, Paper Soldiers, In the Mix among others. He was then set to prepare his first stand up show I am a Grown Little Man and make some other apparitions in comedy films. In 2011, he released the comedy album Laugh at My Pain. In 2013, he released Let Me explain and in 2016 he released What Now?

His stand up performance is based mainly in observational comedy, satire and self depreciations. His favorite subjects are American politics, Everyday life, human sexuality, marriage, Afircan-American culture, parenting and racism.